2000 Results



Comet Class Championship Trophy
1st Overall
Brad Meade & Jean Cooper
Dr. Alan Brown Memorial Trophy
Best Score for Skipper under 21 years old Jeremiah Lyons
C. Lowndes Johnson
1st in 1st race of Internationals
Rich & Michelle Grusko
Jay Achenbach Trophy
2nd overall
Mark Hess
Wilbur Hamilton-Haines Trophy
1st in last race of Internationals
Elliott Oldak & Barbara Best
Herbert L. Stone Trophy
First-time Participant with the best score
Greg Koski
Eugene Barilla Trophy
1st for the local fleet
Elliott Oldak & Barbara Best
1st Junior
Jeremiah Lyons and Vicky Mossbrook
1st Place each race
1. Rich and Michelle Grusko 2. Brad Meade 3. Brad Meade 4. Mark Buruchian (Race protested and thrown out) 5. Elliott Oldak

Perpetual Overall
Brad Meade

1st thru 5th Overall
1. Brad Meade  2. Mark Hess  3. Dick Harmon
4. Elliott Oldak  5. Bob Griswold
Pumpkin Bowl Regatta (Saturday)
1. Brad Meade  2. Mark Hess
3. Dick Harmon

Fleet #79 Willow Bank Yacht Club
Cazenovia, NY

WBYC Open, June 24-25, 2000, 11 boats participated

1. 4135 Bill Hoyer/Joan Hoyer
2. 3547 Brad Meade/Laurie Waters
3. 4047 Dick Tuttle/Jim Dodd
4. 3970 Bruce Campbell/Terry Campbell
5. 3407 Gene Barilla/Peter Bushnell

1, 1
2, 2
3, 5
7, 3
5, 8
    This was the 43rd consecutive year for this regatta. One of the highlights of the 43rd WBYC Open was the dedication and awarding of a beautiful new trophy for the overall series winner. Like the retired trophy it replaced, the Braeloch Trophy was given by the Braeloch Inn, Cazenovia, New York. It has been a tradition that each year the owner and manager of the Braeloch Inn awards the Braeloch Trophy to the series winner. In 1999, Grey Barr, the current owner and manager of the Inn, noticed that the original trophy was in need of repair. He offered to name and sponsor a beautiful new trophy on behalf of the Braeloch. Fleet members are most grateful for the support of the Braeloch Inn.
     On the lake, strong winds forced cancellation of Race 3 on Sunday. Order of finish was based on the two races sailed on Saturday in variable westerlies of 5-10 mph.

Transom Regatta, September 16, 12 boats participated

1. 4135 Bill Hoyer/Joan Hoyer
2. 3547 Brad Meade/Tom Waters
3. 4102 Jim Walter/Natalie Ross
4. 3265 Mark Garriga/Dick Tuttle
5. 3407 Gene Barilla/Jon Kogut

     Excessive winds and rain forced cancellation of two of the races. One race was sailed in light building to moderate winds, just after the heavy rains and just before the big winds arrived. Although this regatta has developed a reputation for usually unpleasant weather, it also has a reputation for being a great time capped by a delicious pasta dinner prepared by the Fleet Captain, Gene Barilla.  

Fleet #130 Highland Lakes, NJ

Memorial Day Regatta:
1-D. & B. Witt 3990
2-K. & M. Buruchian 3983
3-A. Kratavil & L. Roberts 3999
4-R. & E. Rodger 4079

Spring Series:
1- K. & M. Buruchian
2- D. & B. Witt
3- R. & E. Rodger
4- L. Roberts & Crews

Summer and Overall Season Series:
1-K. Buruchian & M. Buruchian
2-D. Witt & B. Witt
3-C. Ross & D. Ross

Labor Day Regatta:
1- K. Eckardt & D. Eckardt
2- K. Buruchian & M. Buruchian
3- D. Witt & B. Wit

2000 Junior Nationals Championship

2000 Comet Junior Nationals Championship
by Mark Buruchian

The Comet Class Jr. Championship Regatta was held again at Stone Harbor, NJ on August 17th - 18th. A total of nine boats competed in a six race series in varying wind and weather conditions. It was exciting to see a team from Bermuda compete, confirming the International status of the Comet Class. All in all, the regatta was superbly run and provided a competitive venue for a championship regatta.

Bill Young of Stone Harbor and his crew Vicki Mossbrook repeated as Jr. National Champions in a very hard fought dual with Kevin King and Beth Hendee of Ocean Gate Yacht Club. The Championship wasn't decided until the last leg of the last race. Bart Nicholson, also of Stone Harbor, proved to be the spoiler as his finishes on the second day provided Bill the cushion needed to win the regatta. Bart's finishes also proved good enough to edge out Kevin Buruchian of Highland Lakes by one point for third place overall. The Bermudan team of Maxwell Curtis and Stefan Furbert rounded out the top five.

While the regatta was extremely competitive, a high level of sportsmanship was also evident. One of the competitors gave up their boat to her brother as he had broken his mast between races. In turn the sailors with the broken mast lent their rudder to the Bermudans who had to drop out of the prior race due to rudder problems.

Standings and finishes were as follows:

#4106 Bill Young Vicki Mossbrook Stone Harbor, NJ 2,2,1,4,1,1
#4096 Kevin King Beth Hendee Ocean Gate YC 1,1,3,1,3,2
#4046 Bart Nicholson Sarah Van Horn Stone Harbor, NJ 7,8,4,2,2,3
#3983 Kevin Buruchian Dan Smit Highland Lakes, NJ 3,4,5,3,4,5
#4095 Maxwell Curtis Stefan Furbert Bermuda 6,6,2,5,DNF,4

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