2003 Results

2003 Drew Bowl
September 27th
Shrewsbury Sailing & Yacht Club - Oceanport, NJ
10 boats

1. #4099 Talbott Ingram/Lee Ingram 2-1-1 4
2. #3866 John Costanzo/Stacey Kelley 1-2-2 5
3. #4117 Brad Meade/Alex 6-3-3 12
4. #4061 Jim Widdis/Steve Widdis 3-6-4 13
5. #4082 Doug Milnes/Kathy Tamblyn 5-8-6 19
6. #3957 Wick Dudley/Elizabeth Dudley 7-7-5 19
7. #4135 Bill Hoyer/Scott Layton 9-4-7 20
8. #4093 Ralph Grossmann III/Ralphie IV 8-6-9 22
9. #4130 Rick Sloan/Chris Wright 4-DNF-8 23
10. #3382 Rob Schell/Pete Schell DNF-DNS-DNS 33

Comet Masters
September 27th
Shrewsbury Sailing & Yacht Club - Oceanport, NJ
6 Boats

1. #4099 Talbott Ingram/Lee Ingram
2. #4117 Brad Meade & Alex
3. #4061 Jim Widdis/Steve Widdis

A brisk southeasterly breeze greeted the sailors for the Drew Bowl & Comet Masters and provided more than enough thrills for everyone. Lots of planing action on both reaches along with a few death rolls and "hope for the best gybes" kept everyone on their toes. One mast was lost and several boats went over during, between and after the races. Three boats came down from Green Pond (Rick Sloane, Rob Schell and Ralph Grossmann). Bill Hoyer made the trip from Cazenovia, Wick Dudley and his daughter travelled from Queenstown, MD. and Brad Meade trailed in from Conneticut.



2003 Transom Regatta
September 13
Willow Bank Yacht Club - Cazenovia, NY

1. #4117 Brad Meade/Laura Smith 1-1-1 3
2. #3407 Gene Barilla/Peter Buschnell 3-3-2 8
3. #4137 Bill Hoyer/Joan Hoyer 2-2-6 10
4. #4098 Bill Smith/Mark Buschnell 4-4-4 12
5. #3970 Bruce Campbell/Terry Campbell 5-5-3 13
6. #4144 Dick Sands/Betsy Steward 6-6-5 17


2003 Pigskin Regatta
Leatherlips YC
Columbus, OH

4110 Mark Hess/Anne Filbert LYC 1-2-1-2-1 7
4123 Dick Harmon/Tony Beatty LYC
3705 Jack Sanders/Diana Sanders LYC 5-5-4-3-4 21
4104 Dave Seiple/Geoff Shaffer LYC 6-3-3-5-7 24
3741 Dave Seifert/Teri Rasmussen LYC 4-6-6-7-3 26
4089 Jerry Chapman/Nelson Laffey VSA 3-7-5-6-6 27
4011 Greg Polanik/Corina Iukovici VSA 7-4-7-4-5 27

Rain deluged the area Friday night but the skies cleared by race time. The forecast 20mph winds never materialized but instead, ranged from 3 to 10. The erratic winds were evident when looking at the scattered results on the scorecard. The only constant was inconsistency. Boats changed places on every leg of the racecourse more than any race in recent memory. Still, it was a glorious fall day and it was great just to be outside. Two crews made the long trek from St Louis to sail in a river _ the width of theirs. Go figure. Must be the fact we have no 1000 ft barges transiting the racecourse. In the end, it was Mark Hess and Anne Filbert who put the brass _ hull comet model back on the wall for another year. The real winner may have been Dave Seiple. All boat numbers of those not finishing in the money, were placed in a hat and one was drawn at random to receive an official bottle of Bermudian Black Seal Rum. Dave was the lucky man. The Comets are indebted to the Lido 14 fleet for doing a great job of getting in 5 races under difficult conditions.



Comet Internationals
Tred Avon Yacht Club - Oxford,MD

August 22, 23 & 24th

1. #4123 Dick & Judy Harmon 1-1-(3)-3-3-1 9
2. #3737 Eliot Oldak/Barbara Best 2-3-5-1-1-(6) 12
3. #4110 Mark Hess/Anne Filbert 4-2-1-2-(9)-5 14
4. #3866 John Costanzo/Stacey Kelley (6)-4-2-4-5-4 19
5. #4127 Rudy Bailey/Emily Rodgers (9)-6-6-5-2-2 21
6. #4117 Brad Meade 3-5-7-6-(12)-3 24
7. #4061 Jim Widdis/Steve Widdis 5-(8)-4-7-4-7 27
8. #4069 Ed McLean/Ralph Grossmann Jr. 7-7-9-13-8-(dnf) 44
9. #4130 Rick Sloan & Chris Wright (12)-12-8-9-11-9 49
10. #3957 Wick Dudley 13-(15)-11-12-6-8 50
11. #4124 Howard Simmons (16)-10-14-11-7-11 53
12. #3578 Jack Devine 11-(14)-13-10-10-10 54
13. #3864 Jeremy Rosenberg 8-11-12-15-(dnf)-13 59
14. #4093 Ralph Grossmann/Jack Grossmann 10-9-10-16-(dnf)-15 60
15. #4120 Bob Peronne 15-16-15-8-(dnf)-dnf 73
16. #4028 Sandy Downes 17-(18)-17-14-13-16 77
17. #3997 Bill Wolf 14-17-165-(dnf)-dnf-12 78
18. #4038 Terry Jackson 18-13-(dnf)-dnf-dnf-14 83

Dick Harmon's International Report:

18 Competitors gathered at the birthplace of the Comet, Tread Avon Yacht Club to participate in an action packed, fun event. Dave Rodgers worked extremely hard to make this the successful event that it was. The class should be encouraged by the participation of some first timers, and competitors from Tread Avon and Corsica River. Substantial interest is building in these locations, and anyone looking to sell a boat would be well advised to let these fleets know. Another real treat was the appearance of Jack Boehringer watching the action. JackÕs name is enshrined on the Championship Trophy, having won the Internationals in 1970 in Comet 2844, a boat he built. Part of DaveÕs work was in seeking sponsorship and in trying to keep cost down. He succeeded in both efforts. A Beaton/Omega jib was won by Rick Sloan. Ralph Grossmann won a $100 gift certificate from West Marine. A still unnamed sailor won a $100 certificate from APS. Anne Filbert claimed the beautiful half hull model made by Dave Rodgers and the West Marine brass clock. It should be noted that North Sails donated $100 to the trophy fund, and an anonymous donor paid for the Heritage Regatta entry fee for the entire fleet.

Winds for the first day appeared moderate leaving the dock, but dwindled to a light westerly by the second race. No matter the conditions, the first race strategy set the stage for all 3 races on Friday. The key was to hit the right side, where the pressure was, and carry it close, but not all the way to the layline. The shifts never made up for lack of pressure on the left side until close to the mark. More than one boat experienced the disaster of overstanding as the starboard tack repeatedly lifted closer to the mark. Harmon, Oldak, Meade, Hess, and Widdis finished in that order.

Ed McLean figured the windward strategy perfectly on the first leg of the second race. O. P. Merrill had to be smiling as Ed had one of his old mainsails bent to the spars. By the finish it was Harmon, Hess, Oldak, Costanzo and Meade. The wind freshened a bit for the 3rd race and Mark Hess and John Costanzo showed they had been paying attention how to get upwind. Several of the previous race leaders managed to get themselves herded to the left off the starting line and quickly out of contention. This group got a refresher course in one of those lessons that sometime it is best to swallow some pride, fall off and tack behind boats, rather than trying to outrun them and sail into oblivion. Following Hess and Costanzo at the finish were Harmon, Widdis and Oldak.

Friday night the fleet enjoyed a dinner of what surely are the best crab cakes on the planet.

Saturday was Elliott Oldak day. The wind had stiffened to the mid teens out of the north, giving the crews, cramped from the day before, a chance to stretch out hiking. The planing on the reaches and runs was also a welcome change from the day before. Keeping things interesting were 10-15 deg short period shifts nested within longer 30 deg shifts. Oldak nailed the start of the 4th race, banged the first shift and never looked back. Howard Simmons made a valiant effort in the 5th race by reading the shifts and leading around the weather mark. By the final leg, a persistent wind line had developed down the center of the course, making things interesting for those crossing it. Containing a significant shift, the tendency was to tack the instant you crossed it, however, since it was not moving, you merely recrossed into another knock. Hess managed to capsize on this line and appeared to be in some trouble. Meade, checking on him capsized at the same location (yeah- it was as big a mess as it sounds). Simmons was further down the same line, fell out of the boat, and his boat capsized. That proved to be the throwout for Hess and Meade but Simmons managed to recover to 7th. There were now three boats close enough in points to set up a "who beats who" situation in the final race to determine the championship. We made it back to the club in time to be able to watch the finish of the log canoe race. These 100 year old beauties are a sight to behold and are reason alone to come to Oxford. Saturday evening, Tread Avon put on a super "pig picking" dinner that nearly rivaled the crab cakes.

The Sunday winds appeared to be a repeat of the day before, however, they began to dissipate after the start. Bailey and Harmon tacked early to the right looking for a knock and found one good enough to cross the fleet. The wind died almost completely on the first reach and Harmon and Bailey separated themselves from the rest of the fleet. The wind was kind to them, never filling in from behind and bringing in the rest of the fleet. Things were looking good for Harmon until midway through it became obvious that they would not make the 2 _ hour time limit. This would give the series to Oldak since enough races had already been sailed to have a throwout. The race was now against the clock. At the last mark, the wind finally filled in from the west but it appeared to be too little, too late. The finish was still a long way off. To end the suspense, Harmon managed to finish with only 4 minutes until the time expired. The boats rounding last in the main fleet charged through the pack and scrambled the order. Following Harmon and Bailey were Meade, Costanzo, Hess and Oldak.

It is an encouraging feeling to have improving scores and be able to sail your best race(s) toward the end of the series. Rudy Bailey, Rick Dudley, Howard Simmons, Jack Devine, Sandy Downes and Bill Wolf definitely sailed an improving trend. John PotterÕs race committee was kept busy following the wind and setting replacement marks. The courses were some of the most accurate this writer has sailed in a long time. Enough cannot be said for the quality of the work of this committee. By the way, in addition to everything else, Dave Rodgers also served on the start boat.



2003 Territory 5 Championship
Eagle Creek Sailing Club Indianapolis, IN

1. #4123 Dick Harmon & Tony Beatty LYC 1-2-1-2-1 7
2. #4110 Mark Hess & Anne Filbert LYC 2-1-2-1-4 10
3. #4089 Jerry Chapman & Tim Hilgard VSA 3-3-3-3-2 14
4. #4083 Phil Cotton Bryan & Uhlmansiek VSA 4-4-4-4-3 19
5. #4085 Nelson Laffey & Tom Lester VSA 5-5-5-5-5 25
6. #4011 Greg Polanik & Corina Iukovici VSA 6-6-6-6-6 30

Finally, a cold front pushed south dislodging a stationary front that had pumped moisture up from the south all week. The result was 2 absolutely glorious days of sailing. Eagles Creek Sailing Club again went out of their way to make the Comets feel welcome. They set great racecourses, had a wonderful dinner of shrimp, mussels, clams, and crayfish, and held a Saturday night "beach" party. A full moon rising over the lake was a bonus. For the campers, the usual wake up call by the 5:30 am crows was replaced this year by blue jays. We all met for the now traditional breakfast on Sunday morning. Greg and Corina even managed to find a drive in movie theatre still in existence!!! Indianapolis is such a neat city. They have hosted the Pan Am games in the past and cater to minor sports as well as the majors. So whether you're into sculling or track bicycle racing, you can find it here. In short - - - if you missed the territorials this year, you missed the best one in several years.



2003 Territory III Championship & Steinmann Memorial Regatta
Highland Lakes-
Highland Lakes, NJ

1. #3866 John Costanzo/Stacey Kelley 1-1-(2)-1 3
2. #3952 Talbott Ingram/Lee Ingram 2-2-(4)-2 6
3. #3983 Mark Buruchian/Shannon Buruchian (5)-5-1-3 9
4. #3147 Don Ross/Sue Ross 4-4-3-(4) 11
5. #4099Theo Ingram/Mike Layton 3-3-5-(5) 11
6. #4093 Ralph Grossman/Jack Grossman (7)-6-6-6 18
7. #4064 Kevin Buruchian/Justin Murphy 6-7-7-(7) 21
8. #3999 Liz Roberts/James Napolitano 8-8-8-(8) 24
9. #3923 Rob Wisniewski/Lisa Wisniewski 9-9-9-(9) 27


2003 Comet Jr. National Championship Results
Highland Lakes-
Highland Lakes, NJ

1. #4099 Theo Ingram/Mike Layton 1- 1- 1 -(1) 3
2. #3983 Kevin Buruchian/Justin Murphy 2 -(3)- 2- 2 6
3. #4064 Kevin Murphy/Andrew Kramer 3 -2- 3 -(4) 8
4. #4093 Ralph Grossman/Jack Grossman 4 -4- (4) -3 11
5. #3147 John Ross/Mike Leifer (6) -5- 5- 5 15
6. #3999 Michael Napolitano/James Napolitano 5- 6 -6- (6) 17
7. #3923 Emily Wisniewski/Erin Acker 7- 7 -7 -(DNS) 21

Congratulations to Bob and Katha Griswold winners of the 2003 Comet North Americans held June 28 & 29 at Willow Bank Yacht Club in Cazenovia, NY. Dick Harmon and Dave Seifert placed second, with Mark Hess and Anne Filbert up for third.


Randall Deleeuw Memorial Tune-up Regatta
Green Pond Yacht Club - Green Pond, NJ

Sunday June 1, 2003

1. #3382 Rob Schell & Joe Wright 2 - 1 - 2 5
2. #3866 John Costanzo & Stacey Kelley 1 - 6 - 1 8
3. #4103 Larry & Lynelle Polye 3 - 2 - 3 8
4. #4032 Rick Sloan & Chris Wright 4 - 3 - 6 13
5. #4093 Ralph & Jack Grossmann 5 - 4 - 4 13
6. #4030 Keith Callahan & Kathy Watson 6 - 7 - 5 18
7. #3810 Frank Juhasz & Ralph Grossmann Jr. 7 - 5 - 7 19
8. #4115 Jeff Billings & David Marfewitz 8 -DNS - DNS 26


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